Starting My Online business

I have decided to start with the business of selling jewelry. Took the first step towards it.

I am suddenly feeling motivated and i am going to work towards setting up my business successfully and increasing it with time.

I am not liking my IT job, every day I think of leaving my job. Even after spending my 10 years in IT i think i do not belong here! But it is my source of income and It makes me feel i am independent.

Anyone out here is also in same boat ? Like doing something daily what they do not like but yet pushing themselves, just because they have to? 


The Butterfly Wish

Anyone who will be reading this must be thinking what is this blog name “The Butterfly Wish”.

 Butterfly flies freely anywhere as per her wish. She can go to any flower she likes, can sit there for as long as she wants. It is so difficult to get hold of her. She flies and flies.

 My wish is to become like a butterfly. I feel I am trapped into this body, into this culture, into this society, into this job, into this family life. Whatever i had thought of doing in my life, i never did. I always did what is right as per my parents, as per my age, as per what I should do as a daughter, as a wife and as a mother.

After my school, I thought i will do some course in animation and do interesting things. Father said you should go for engineering. Animation course you can do side by side at any point of life. I am 32 now and i still have not learnt animation.

A whole lot of thinking I do..  i see people’s facebook posts, instagram posts, snapchat posts and my mind thinks i should also do this. I am in my IT Job for past 10 years and i have not learnt anything . Now i want to quit this job. But i do not know what i should do if i am not doing this IT job. I feel i am like a useless person who has no direction in life. My interest changes every hour every minute. I see people doing something and i think i should do this. And motivation starts and goes up and comes down.. and bammmm.. i am on the zero level again..

Let me count actually what all I thought since morning i should be doing

  1. should switch job
  2. should sell jewelry online
  3. should start making jewelry myself
  4. should learn creative writing
  5. should learn something in cooking
  6. should start selling make up products
  7. should become an influencer

And finally I thought i should start my own blog and write whatever i want to.

This butterfly wishes to get some direction and do some thing meaningful in her life to satisfy no one but herself. I hope 2018 is the year where I do at least 1 single thing which i absolutely love.